b'In a 2017 series of large-scale monotypesa new mode of working for the artistTharp pushes his exploration of Color Field compositions with even more lurid and saturated tones in mountainous forms. These prints are sharper than the artists earlier works and contain less variation in the application of color. Other artworks in the series incorporate text as a central element, filling his massive surfaces with frenetic, scrawled phrases that explore interpersonal relations and unease. Cryptic statements like Wolves at the Door, Burning Social Question, and Love You Babes hint at our current sociopolitical moment, and, more broadly, at the times when people are forced to reckon with the presence of others. By highlighting the ways in which individuals, and artworks, might address each other, Tharp suggests that we might better understand ourselves by examining our own relations.note1. Storm Tharp, interview by Bean Gilsdorf, Daily Serving, January 4, 2010. https://www.dailyserving.com/2010/01/interview-with-storm-tharp/.82'