b'Saying What Needsto Be SaidDiana NawiWhat Needs to Be Said, the title of this exhibition, is drawn from a 2017 artwork by MK Guth, an artist who works in multiple platforms including sculpture, printmaking, and par-ticipatory actions and engagements. This is one of a series of projects Guth has undertaken recently in which she produces blank books with titles that serve as entreaties and provoca-tions to the public to record their responses, including A Memory About and Getting Over It (both 2018). The museum-going public is invited to write down the ideas that these phrases inspire in them over the course of an exhibition, and once the books are filled, the artist then seals them. These volumes become repositories for inner thoughts, objects that index and contain critical expression without fully revealing itan apt metaphor for the possibilities of artistic practice.This exhibition relays the urgency and intimacy of what happens in the studio; it is the space where those endeavors intersect with the public sphere. Art is something we do for ourselvesa means of personal exploration and articulationand something we undertake in the spirit of the most collective and shared ideas of humanity, citizenship, education, and collaboration. It is, simply put, the expression of what needs to be said. For each artist that is a unique mandateheard, understood, and manifested in myriad ways. At the same time it is a means through which we might understand artistic practice generally, and the widely varied practices of the thirteen artists brought together in this exhibition: Karl Burkheimer, Ben Buswell, Tannaz Farsi, MK Guth, Anya Kivarkis, Geraldine Ondrizek, Tom Prochaska, Wendy Red Star, Jack Ryan, Blair Saxon-Hill, Storm Tharp, Samantha Wall, and Lynne Woods Turner.Each of these artists has received the Hallie Ford Fellowship in the Visual Arts, an award given annually to artists living in Oregon, based on accomplishment, depth of practice, and future potential. Arguably, this fellowship helps the many artists who have received it to maintain 15'