b'in an individual frame built by the artist, with the framed prints then connected together in modular groups. A blue satin finish on every other frame creates a subtle alteration of matte and gloss, and they hang in a zigzag, accordion-like formation in a horizontal line, appearing to be fused together in a glistening repetition. All at Once is something of a visual marvel, and we are drawn into its murky blue hues, lacquer-like sheen, and almost perfect symmetry.Buswell has a deep and enigmatic curiosity, constantly questioning the space between cog-nition and physical reality. The denial of language and the denial of easy apprehension are at the core of Buswells practicenot so much in examining the split of these two realms, but rather in seeking to diminish our own understanding of the separation between the body and the ether. His interest lies in examining that which exists outside of and before lan-guage. Often researching multiple sides of complex issues, Buswell creates objects based on his own interpretations, and sees this as a way of knowing himself and cultivating meaning within his works. In a lecture given at Cranbrook in 2017, Buswell stated that his practice is like a physical form of empathy with the subject at hand. In engaging with his subject and his materials through both conceptual strategies and labor-intensive processes, Buswell is able to draw us into our own investigations of the known and the unknown, of humanitys relationship to the universe. With his forthcoming body of work focusing on constellations and wayfinding, it seems fitting that the cosmos is the next place for Buswell to manifest his dialectic tendencies.Opposite: Ben BuswellAll at Once, 2017 (detail)Following pages:All at Once, 2017 30'