b'and exhibitions curator Jonathan Bucci; education curator Elizabeth Garrison; membership/public relations manager Andrea Foust; contract preparators Silas Cook and Fred Soelzer of Portland; front desk receptionists Melanie Weston, Leslie Whitaker, and Emily Simons; safety officer Kyle Murphy; and custodian Cruz Diaz de Estrada.In addition to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, the exhibition will travel to the Umpqua Valley Arts Center and Whipple Fine Arts Gallery at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon; Disjecta, in Portland, Oregon; and the Schneider Museum of Art at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. I am most grateful to my colleagues at each venue for agreeing to take the exhibition and participate in the regional tour: Sandee McGee at the Umpqua Valley Arts Center, Susan Rochester at Umpqua Community College, Blake Shell at Disjecta, and Scott Malbaurn at the Schneider Museum of Art.The Hallie Ford Museum of Art would not have been able to organize the exhibition, pub-lish the accompanying book, and organize the two-year regional tour, all without external financial support, and I want to express my thanks and appreciation to The Ford Family Foundation for providing a major grant to help make the entire project possible. In addition, I would like to thank the City of Salem and the Oregon Arts Commission for their ongoing support of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art through annual general operating support grants.The late Hallie Ford was a remarkable woman indeed. Tough, ethical, intelligent, and shrewd, she demanded the highest standards in everything she supported. She believed in the importance of higher education and the power of the visual arts to transform lives, and I know that if she had an opportunity to see the artwork in What Needs to Be Said: Hallie Ford Fellows in the Visual Arts, or had an opportunity to see how her commitment and passion for the visual arts is being carried on through the work of the Foundations Visual Arts program, she would be genuinely pleased.John OlbrantzThe Maribeth Collins Director13'