Miri Admoni

About the Installation

Site Location: ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum
Title: Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is about journey and transformation, both in the process of making it and in its life as a field of dreams for me and the viewer. 

Sand heated to 3090 degrees Fahrenheit transforms into glass, an amorphous solid. The word, amorphous, comes from the ancient Greek god, Morpheus, the Bringer of Dreams and the Maker of Shapes. 

Dreams and fantasies are woven as a metaphor in this work through the raw and delicate materials, speaking of transformation in my life. 

Field of Dreams is installed at the museum’s yard in a six foot tall raised bed of soil. Materials: Borosilicate glass tubes, sand, hand pulled glass threads, bamboo sticks. Technique: Torch work, constructed. 

Dimensions: 50f x 4f x 20” 

Year: 2021

Site Location: ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum
Title: Desert Bloom

The desert series is a group of abstract sculptures that celebrate the beauty and the colors of  earth. All the colors in these works are a result of reactions of glass fused with metals.  I call it Alchemy glass.  

Desert Bloom is inspired by the red Poppies that bloom during winter season in Southern  Israel. The work combines glass and embroidery and is a collaboration with Desert  Embroidery, a Bedouin women’s association from that area. 

Materials: Glass frits, silver powder, cotton threads, metal wire  

Technique: Fused glass frits, embroidery, constructed  

Dimensions: 30x20x20 inches 

Year: 2017

About the Artist

Miri Admoni (b. 1954 in Tel Aviv, Israel) is a mixed media, glass, and jewelry artist, who shares her life between Israel and the USA. Arts and crafts were always a part of Miri’s life since childhood. Her formal education was in graphic design, where she has worked as a freelance designer and producer of unique recycled paper products and specialized in packaging. During 2004-2010 Miri has studied various glass techniques, and in 2011-2012 she studied metalsmith in a private studio and started to create jewelry with glass. Nature has always been the greatest source of inspiration. Initially Miri was inspired by her surroundings in Israel, the rich and diverse nature scenes between the Mediterranean Sea and the Judean desert. That led to the creation of the Alchemy glass series and the collaboration with Bedouin women artists. Now Miri lives and works from her home studio in Oregon, where she continues to explore her relationship with nature.

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Artist Statement

In my work I show the many contrasts that exist in nature and life: order & chaos, obvious & hidden, transparent & opaque, fragile & durable. I channel the natural world into my work by translating personal memories and experiences into emotional and abstract landscape expressions. That transition between how I feel and the outcome of my work is sometimes a mystery to me, but I believe that like in nature, everything has a reason. Creation teaches me to follow my intuition and my heart, to do what I love. It always gives me hope.

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