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Hither is the culinary vision of Corrie and Wesley Reimer. With over a decade of combined experience in New York, Portland and San Francisco, the couple brings an abundance of talent, knowledge of quality food and wine, and connections with the best farms and purveyors.

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Featured Artist

Ryan Kitson


Artist Statement

A stoneware Teddy Bear sits atop the inside of an aluminum water tank. Radio Collared, shackled yet free, they allude and elude the relaxation of a soak instead hovering just below the reflective meridian of resource which is endless cycled and recycled through their vessel via their tool of perception.

Artist Biography 

Ryan Kitson was born in Mt. View California in 1977. He attended Southern Oregon University in the late 90’s before moving to New York City to pursue a career in the fine arts. He holds a Masters in Visual Culture from PNCA and has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, Vienna, London, Milan, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Marfa. Ryan currently resides in Baker City, Oregon.