Face of Schneider in Color at the Schneider Museum of Art at Southern Oregon University


Tuesday through Saturday
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The Schneider Museum of Art at SOU is committed to making exhibitions and events accessible to all our patrons.

The Museum is wheelchair-accessible. Large-print handouts are available upon request.

Policy Regarding the Admission of Service Animals

The Schneider Museum of Art abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and allows service animals, that is, animals trained to perform specific tasks for an individual with a disability, into all the public areas of the Museum. In most cases, service animals are also allowed in the non-public areas of the Museum; in the rare case that safety concerns prevent a service animal from entering a collection, Museum staff will work with the visitor find a reasonable accommodation.

A service animal is required to be always under control by its handler. An out of control or disruptive animal may be required to leave the Museum if the handler is unable to reestablish control over the animal or stop the disruptive behavior. Out of control behaviors include consistent barking, lunging or being aggressive towards people, interfering with collections objects, stealing food, or urinating or defecating on the premises. If the animal’s behavior warrants its removal from the Museum, the animal’s handler can stay in the Museum without the animal.


Free and open to the public, groups & families always welcome.