Lithia Park

Lithia Park

Lithia Park, Winburn Way, Ashland, OR 97520

Available for viewing 7 days a week, sun up to sun down.

Sculpture, downhill adjacent to the Japanese Garden in the Sycamore Grove at Lithia Park (look for our signage. Hint, it’s up in a grove of trees.)

Lithia Park is the largest and most central park of Ashland, Oregon, United States. It consists of 93 acres of forested canyonland around Ashland Creek, stretching from the downtown plaza up toward its headwaters near Mount Ashland.

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Featured Artist

Isabella Thorndike Church


Medium: Mix of natural and locally cultivated material and airplane cable

Date: 2023

Artist Statement

Everything I do begins in the field and the woods. There, the colors and textures of the natural world arrange themselves according to the seasons. I believe that local, seasonal flora, collected or cultivated responsibly, help us celebrate and steward our home places. Each piece is a conversation with the nature of carefully selected materials, their arrangement determined through form and structure as much as through manipulation.

The orderly sycamore grove in Lithia Park, inspired by French tradition, is among the oldest parts of the park.  This piece reflects the juxtaposition of order and wildness alive here and present in all parks; where human manipulation collaborates with nature’s whim to create something beautiful.

Artist Biography 

Isabella Thorndike Church grew up with Lithia Park as her front yard and her mother’s flower farm as her playground and first job. Inspired by her upbringing, she works with locally cultivated and found flora which she designs into both indoor and outdoor, semi-permanent art installations. Isabella is a florist, a farmer, a builder and an enthusiast about all things outdoors.




Special Events

Art Beyond Plein Air Painting Event & Family Day Activities

Saturday, June 17 from 10am to 3pm

Sycamore Grove – Adjacent to the Japanese Gardens

Take a walk in the park and observe and interact Plein Air artists. The public is encouraged to engage with the artists between 10am-3pm to talk about their work and process. Artists will be invited to show one piece created at this event at the Crystal Ballroom in Ashland Springs Hotel on Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25. Artwork will be available for sale at 80% to the artist and 20% to Project Space for processing.

Artist who are interested in participating can register here: