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David Gordon has been painting and drawing his whole life. He received a BFA from the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. He has painted and shown work in Vermont, Nova Scotia, Oregon and Hawaii and currently resides in Ashland, Oregon.

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Artist Statement

I consider myself an intuitive painter. I paint representationally but rather than honing a set technique, my process is based on looking and seeing. From direct observation I translate what I see spontaneously by feel. Especially at the beginning I put paint down loosely and quickly without worrying about getting it right, knowing that I can paint over these initial explorations. I’m often surprised at how many of these purely spontaneous brushstrokes turn out to be spot on! They don’t get painted over but stay to the very end as part of the final piece! As the painting progresses, I try to keep this spontaneous approach and continue to feel my way through – not getting more careful but getting more precise because I am building on information that I already put down. To say that I feel my way through the paining is more literal than it might seem. I almost do feel what I see. I reach for it with as much of a feeling sense as a visual sense.

Direct observation, painting in incredible natural places and working spontaneously by feel are what keep me inspired and give my paintings the breath of life. I want to share this inspiration with those who look at my work. Inspiration is an amazing space to hang out in and I know that it is accessible to everyone – not just artists! If I can bring you there or encourage you to take steps towards your own inspired state, then I have accomplished what I set out to do. I also aspire to communicate the beauty and feeling of the land and the places I paint and to help others appreciate the beauty around them.

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