Cheryl Kempner

About the Installation

Site Location: ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum
Title: A Whimsical Gathering

Whimsey is necessary during our current time of multiple challenges. Maybe it is possible that a steel tree grows branches in the shapes of spirals topped by a red-winged black bird. I hope strolling by my fanciful trees will bring smiles to visitors. These plasma cut steel pieces also signify strength and longevity along with light heartedness.

About the Artist

I have a Master’s degree in Adult Education and taught for 23 years at community colleges. This teaching supported my art explorations in handmade paper, glass fusing, silver smithing, plus many more. But hand building clay has been the winner for the last three decades. My clay work has been carried at five galleries around Oregon and I have sold at summer art fairs from Washington down to Central California. All these art experiences have added to my ease in succeeding in this new metal art form.

Connect with the Artist


Additional artwork is available at Ashland Art Works, 291 Oak St.

Artist Statement

I create art that makes me smile.  I hope that visitors will stroll by my whimsical metal trees and smile, too.  I cut rusted steel with a plasma torch. Often the scraps that fall to the floor inspire new ideas for yet another piece.  My husband does the welding and both of us do the powder coating.  I am pleased that as a seventy-year-old woman, I can still create and share these fun pieces of artwork.  Yes, it is possible that a steel tree could grow branches in the shape of spirals with each topped with a red-winged black bird.

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