On View:  May 15 – July 18, 2021

Vesper Meadow
Art Beyond


Due to the breeding season May 1st – August 31st of the endangered Oregon Vesper Sparrow, this location has limited viewing hours for Art Beyond and a RSVP is required

Visiting Hours

Saturdays, 1pm to 4pm
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The Vesper Meadow Restoration Preserve is a demonstration site for biocultural restoration and nature connection. Vesper Meadow is an upland wet meadow surrounded by mixed conifer forest in the southern Cascades. Situated on the high divide of the Cascade-Siskiyou ranges, it serves as headwaters for two major Pacific Northwest Coast watersheds: the Rogue River and Klamath River basins. Recently protected by a private conservation buyer in June 2018, Vesper Meadow is now a rare upland meadow site that prioritizes native food plant cultivation and ecological values. They are managing for imperiled species, the native plant community, biodiversity, and wild foods.

Learn more at vespermeadow.org

Featured Artist

Gabriel Barrera

Barrera’s artwork is the culmination of his time as the 2021 Tinderbox Artist in Residence, a program designed by Signal Fire in partnership with Vesper Meadow and the Schneider Museum of Art.


Engage deeper with the concept of Barrera‘s art, and volunteer as a land steward to support the mission of Vesper Meadow. All are welcome to join at the scenic Vesper Meadow Restoration Preserve, and participate in restoration activities such as planting, creek-wood structure preparation, and seed collecting.

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Saturdays, May 15th through July 17th, from 9am to Noon
Volunteer at Vesper Meadow
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Saturdays 1pm-4pm
RSVP Required

Saturdays 9am to Noon
RSVP Required


Gabriel Barrera