On View:  May 28, 2020 –

Staging Improvisational Printmaking In Place
with Grayson Cox and Hollis Witherspoon

Thursday, May 28th, 2020 at 5PM PST

Instagram Live @schneidermoa

What facilitates expression? How about some limits?

How can we set a stage to be wild within a form? How about some registration?

How can we react to what a printing press wants? How about repetition?

How much set up do we need to create a record of the present? A lot….?

This workshop will discuss how the artist can set the stage for improvisation in artistic production. We will demonstrate how to do tight setup so that you can move flexibly and experimentally within a form and show how restrictions can better frame freedom.

We will discuss improvisation, meisner, monotypes, ghosts, printing presses, subjective restriction selection, honest reaction through reps.

We will also discuss setting the stakes for making an art work. How can we make artwork in an improvisational manner that took so much prep just to start? Mistakes can be a gift! What is at stake for you?