On View:  February 9 – February 9, 2024

Creative Industries Discussion:
Wesley Hicks

On February 9, 2024 the Schneider Museum of Art presented a Creative Industries Discussion with visiting artist Wesley Hicks the 2024 Winter VAST (Visiting Artist and Scholar in Teaching) resident at Southern Oregon University.

About the Artist

Wesley Hicks is a multi-genre artist who works with ceramics as his material of choice to make unusual musical instruments and multisensory interactive sculptures. His ceramics are used as a vessel for sound, taste, smell, touch, and visual splendor. His compositions and artwork deal with the human recreation of nature, forging a hyper-real synthetic nature. His work includes scent sculptures that are filled with the smells collected from nature around Southern California, flavors and experimental salts as works of art, and even musical scores that recreate the sound of bird calls, walking in the woods, and the sound of a flowing river. Many of the ceramic instruments he builds function as large-scale ensembles. These ensembles include the River Rock Ensemble (150+ instruments), the Pitch Fluid Ocarina Ensemble: Stolen Voice (25+ instruments), and the Juicerinas (100+ instruments) which he built in collaboration with artist Michael Parker. The performances of these ensembles include interaction with the public and interaction with the architecture of public institutions. Notable performances have happened at the Getty Center, Hammer Museum, Palm Springs Art Museum, and CalArts. His path to being an artist, instrument maker, and researcher has been complex. He received his BFA in Ceramics at California State University Long Beach in 2015, where he focused on building ceramic sound sculptures. This interest led to him receiving an MFA in Art and Experimental Sound Practices at Calarts in 2018. He continues to be a musical instrument builder and artist making intermedia work that focuses on experimental multisensory experiences as the V.A.S.T. Resident artist here at Southern Oregon University.

Learn more at wesleyhicks.art