On View:  July 23, 2020 – April 5, 2021

Creative Industries Discussion: Isabella Thorndike Church (VIDEO)


On July 23, 2020 the Schneider Museum of Art hosted a Creative Industries Discussion with Isabella Thorndike Church, one of the featured artists in the 2020 Summer Exhibition Celebrating Wild Beauty.

Isabella Thorndike Church is an artist who grew up with the CSNM in her backyard, although it wasn’t a monument until she was eleven years old. Her medium is natural, local flora materials such as sticks, flowers, weeds, grass etc. She creates both indoor and outdoor installations which may resemble a chandelier or an organic configuration crawling up and emerging from the wall. As a profession, she is commissioned to execute floral and plant designs and builds for celebrations and ceremonies. With opportunities to engage in gallery spaces, this becomes immersive, larger than life installations that are site specific environments. Thorndike Church writes:

“Everything I do begins in the field and the woods. There, the colors and textures of the natural world arrange themselves according to the seasons. I believe that local, seasonal flora, collected or cultivated responsibly, are healthy for us and for the earth. Each piece is a conversation with the nature of carefully selected materials, their arrangement determined through form and structure as much as through manipulation. Through the resulting design I hope to evoke a sense of place, time and wonder.”

Isabella Thorndike Church has created her installation in a storefront located at 25 E. Main St, Ashland, OR for easy and safe viewing.

More information is available at jacklillyfloral.com

This event will be recorded, and available on our website in the near future.