On View:  October 24 – December 14, 2019

Justin Favela:

Justin Favela is a mixed media artist who does large-scale installation sculptures in the piñata style or medium. His work references pop culture, art history, society, cultural commentary, and his own Guatemalan-Mexican-American heritage that is rooted in growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For Favela’s Together/Juntos exhibition at the Schneider Museum of Art, the Main Gallery will become a living, breathing classroom in which the installation will change and grow weekly. It is encouraged to visit the gallery often throughout the run of the exhibition. Community members are encouraged to come work alongside Justin on Tuesday evenings to add to the installation for Favela Tuesday Team.

Artist Statement:
“Together/Juntos” has been one of my grandmother’s phrases since I could remember. She uses it in social settings with my family as a way to jokingly and lovingly be more inclusive when addressing us or making plans. The exhibition will be up October-December, during the holiday months so let’s dive into some family traditions and collaborate with the students and community members about some of theirs.

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Justin Favela